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Fountainhead is a fully integrated media and communications company that produces content for television, motion pictures, advertising, transmedia, web content, print design, and events.

director, transmedia producer, & social entrepreneur.

I’m Fredric King, a producer and director who’s driven to create provocative, visually striking work that moves and motivates people. I work in entertainment, advertising, and the world of non-profits. A camera lens has helped me see the world, starting at the age of ten, and I’ve been on an imaginative storytelling journey ever since. I’m especially drawn to unexpected stories that dramatize deep human truths and spotlight vital social issues.


My feature films include the Oscar-winning dramas Sound of Metal (2019), Oscar-nominated Blue Valentine (2010), and the Spirit Award-nominated Streets of Legend (2005). My documentaries include
Swoon: fearless (2017), Haiti Redux (2014), and Bike Club (2007).


I like working experimentally; capturing experiences in an exploratory manner, discovering surprises and molding them into something meaningful in the edit room. This process has not only created a great body of innovative work but it has also nurtured emerging talent, helping launch the careers of some of today’s important filmmakers.

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FhT Client List

The American AIDS Rides

American Express

American Thoracic Society

Canon USA

Condé Nast


Forest City Ratner

The Heliotrope Foundation

Illy Café

International Herald Tribune

Moët Hennessy USA

Music On The Inside

The New York Times


Silverstein Properties

1989 - Fountainhead Transmedia

FhT markets and distributes original content and develops advertising campaigns for global image brands. The company is also instrumental in creating fund-raising campaigns for foundations in healthcare, education, post-catastrophe  reconstruction,
and economic development programs at home
and abroad.

 1999 - Fountainhead Films 

FhF has been creating edgy, tradition-shattering entertainment for 15 years. The company is a community where storytellers work side-by-side with innovators to create unique platforms for filmmakers and studios to forge compelling entertainment that challenge the media landscape.

FhF Filmography

Paté - 2001

Streets of Legend - 2005

Before Z - 2006

BikeClub - 2007

Blue Valentine - 2010

Sunchasers - 2011

Vigilante Vigilante - 2013

Haiti Redux - 2014

Swoon: Fearless - 2017

Sound of Metal - 2020

FhD Client List

Crystal Cruises

Ensemble Lifestyle


The Italian Culinary Foundation

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Ted Moudis Associates
NYC Department of Education

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

2019 - Fountainhead Design

FhD believes that good print and web design plays a role in the functioning of our everyday lives, leaving 

a lasting impressions. Working with us is a collaborative process that involves open dialog and thoughtful attention resulting in a customized approach to your communication and marketing needs.


Fountainhead Transmedia, Inc.

Fountainhead Films, Inc.

Fountainhead Design LLC

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