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Kurt Vonnegut fiction podcast series

Stories about death that pay tribute to life.

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Based on God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Could death be a quality?

A place? 
Not an ending, but an occurrence that changes those it happens to? 

Kurt  Vonnegut skips back and forth between life and the Afterlife as if the difference between them were rather slight. In light hearted interviews with Sir Issac Newton, Adolf Hitler, Isaac Asimov, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, William Shakespeare, Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, and Kilgore Trout, among others - Vonnegut trips down “the blue tunnel to the pearly gates” in the guise of a roving reporter for public radio, all the while dodging the crotchety bureaucrat, Saint Peter. 

Kurt Vonnegut: Reporter on the Afterlife, began in 1999 as a series of 90 Second interludes for WNYC, New York City’s public radio station. It has evolved over the years through writing and rewriting, into a fiction podcast adventure series - available everywhere you listen to pods.

This provocative exploration about who and what we live for shines a light on the uplifting truth Vonnegut embraced in life.

Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt.”

Ratings & Reviews

out of 5

"A great job capturing something of Kurt's eternal quest — for truth, for companionship, and good neighborliness – and his youthful, always gracious quality whether he was young or old."

- Dan Simon, Vonnegut's publisher

"Joan of arc had me laughing out loud and I learned a lot about Mary Quant. I had a mustard colored crochet Quant mini dress that I adored. The acting and sound design is great. This podcast is a hilarious way to get in some history and conversation starters!""


“A must listen. Curious and fantastic in concept and content.”


"I thought that it was brilliant. It was provocative and so funny."


“Vonnegut Reporter is terrific - thanks. The vibe is much like Fireside Theater ...”

The Afterlife

Pilot, The Afterlife – Episode 01  The Romantics – Episode 02 Revolutionary Women – Episode 03

Cast & Crew


BEN BECHER – Kurt Vonnegut

WILL W. WARREN – Kilgore Trout

LANDON LIBOIRON – Sir Isaac Newton, Uncle Alex, & John Keats

HARRISON LAMPERT – Hitler, Isaac Asimov, & Lord Byron

DAVID WOHL – St. Peter

KATE ARRINGTON – Vivian Hallinan

& Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


DREW SHAFRANEK – John Wesley Joice

JOHN PATRICK HAYDEN – William Shakespeare




FREDRIC KING – Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Ep 01-03

JON ROSEN – Writer, Producer, Ep 01-03

LELAND GORLIN – Writer, Ep 01-02

SOPHIE EVANS – Writer, Ep 03

JIM HELTON – Producer, Ep 01-03

GRANT JOHNSON – Producer, Ep 01-03

PATRICK LYONS – Producer, Ep 01-03

ANDY WING – Producer, Ep 01-02

MICHAEL CAI – Producer, Ep 01-02

WILL WARREN – Associate Producer, Ep 01-02

ANDREW FROTHINGHAM – Associate Producer, Ep 01-02

QUINTRON – Composer, Ep 01-02

HELEN GILLET – Composer, Ep 03

JOHNNY CAMPOS – Composer, Ep 03

JIM HELTON – Sound Design, Composer, Ep 01-02
– Sound Design, Composer, Ep 01-02

CARLOS GRASSO – Sound Design, Composer, Ep 03

CALEDONIA CURRY (SWOON) – Production Designer, Ep 01-03


HARLEY KING, YIN WONG – Graphic Design

TOD SEELIE – Photographer

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