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Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

the author

Kurt Vonnegut’s prolific career spanned 50 years, 14 novels, 5 plays as well as 5 works of non-fiction, along with hundreds of short stories that covered all of life’s biggest topics with his unique and unparalleled wit. Opening eyes and perspectives while sharing his tightly held humanitarian beliefs, Vonnegut, who survived the firebombing of Dresden, could not help but look at things from roughly a billion miles up while unstuck in time, seeing humanity as one giant karass. He knew that there is so much more that connects us than makes us different.


Kurt Vonnegut: Reporter on the Afterlife is the tour guide of our dreams exploring some of the world’s wide-ranging events and aspirations, featuring an all-star cast of history’s greatest artists, thinkers, heroes, and villains from across time and space.  He gets closer to the edges of creativity than anyone before, observing life’s universal questions while enlightening and entertaining those joining him for the journey. Vonnegut was a one-of-a-kind mind and is the exact person we want making the dangerous trip down the “Blue Tunnel” on our behalf.


This newly released podcast, Kurt Vonnegut: Reporter on the Afterlife is presented by Fountainhead Transmedia in association with Scruffy Bots Entertainment and Pod2Pics. 

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